Home (and Condo) Inspection, License #32272
A home inspection is a visual process where structural and mechanical items of the home are tested or operated to verify proper operation or installation. We use several high tech tools & monitors, over $2,100 in expense, to analyse the structural (roof, walls, basement, etc) and mechanical (electrical, hvac, plumbing, etc) systems of the home to see if they are in proper working condition.  We also look at secondary items including windows, doors, fixtures, and other items as well.  Upon completion, and full color interactive inspection report will be provided.

Radon Testing - Continuous Radon Monitoring
We use a continuous radon monitoring system to test for Radon levels in homes. Our Radstar RS800 units are the some of the best on the market. We follow the highest national certification procedures (above Maryland standards) to provide accurate and efficient readings.  To accurately test for Radon, a monitoring system needs to be placed in a home for a minimum of 46 hours.  The high end monitors like Swordfish use, monitor for tampering, humidity, temperature, and other items to verify that site conditions are acceptable and the reading is accurate.  We then lab backup the results.  We then verify if the levels are below 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L).  If levels are higher than 4.0 pCi/L, we will offer a recommendation or remediation.

Mold Analysis & Testing
We have done mold collections and inspections throughout the country  through FEMA and other agencies.  The most important thing to know about mold, is that you most likely have been mislead about mold.  More times that not, you do not have a problem.  If there isn't, we're not going to up-sell you services you do not need.  Mold is many times like peanuts.  Most people are not allergic to peanuts.  However, if you are, you know it.  We offer top level mold analysis inspections and collection methods that are unparalleled in this area.  We only use the top local Maryland laboratories to provide the most efficient results.  Having an understanding of the effects of mold and it's effect on a home is part of that make Swordfish a top provider of testing services.

Baltimore County Rental Inspections, License #32272
If you own a rental property in Baltimore County, you are required to register that property with Baltimore County.  We can help walk you through the process.  One part of that is having a Maryland licensed Home Inspector  inspect that property.  We offer quick and painless inspections that can be done at the owners convenience.  Need lead wipe testing?  We offer that as well.

Lead Inspections, MDE Accrediation #16773
More info coming soon.

Water Sampling & Well Inspections, MDE Certification #2920WB
Swordfish offers wells sampling and inspection of related plumbing fixtures and equipment. 

On-Site Disposal (Septic) Inspections, MDE Certified
We are proud to be MDE certified to offer Septic inspections for real estate transfer.  Having installed to repaired several septic systems on over 30 real estate properties that I have own