Is your contractor licensed?

Is your contractor licensed?

Originally from 2015, updated 2017

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A favorite among many Marylanders is to knock our state's gov.  As a former contractor of the DoD and several state agencies, this is well founded.  That said, every once in a while they do something productive.  With all the fraud that goes on nationwide, Maryland's DLLR (Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation) has made it a little easier for a resident.  

If you own a home, you may want to update some things and I'm sure you understand it will require maintenance.  Without it, the home can deteriorate and lose value over time.  What many do not know is how to find the right contractor that is licensed to do Home Improvement (MHIC) in the State of Maryland.

The DLLR O&P website has a tab labeled 'License Search'.  You can look up companies and individuals from Architects to Tax Preparers.  The main 4 you will be interested in is:

Home Improvement
HVAC Contractors
Master Electricians

Why use licensed?  The Guaranty Fund!  What is the Guaranty fund?
From the DLLR website ""The Maryland Home Improvement Commission administers a Guaranty Fund, which exists to reimburse homeowners for the actual loss caused by a licensed contractor who performed a home improvement job in an unworkmanlike, incorrect, or incomplete manner, or who abandoned a home improvement job. The Fund is supported by licensed contractors, who pay a Guaranty Fund assessment when they obtain their home improvement license and each time they renew the license."

Just because a contractor is licensed, it does not mean they will do a good job.  It does however limit the risk.  Click on the links and do a little research on your contractor.  Make sure they are what they say they are.

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