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Hello and thank you for stopping by the site.  I am Bill Barkuloo, owner of Swordfish MD Environmental & Home Inspections.  In 2014 I became discouraged with the lack of hands-on experience in the home inspection industry.  I decided to go back to my inspecting roots.

I have traveled the country to inspect some of the largest and most unique structures in this great country.  Having the privilege to be contracted by DOD, FEMA, MDOT, VDOT, DelDOT, and many local and state agencies, I have been able to experience what few have.  From climbing bridges set between mountains in West Virginia, inspecting Army housing in mid-west, or climbing down ladder to see stations that have been abandoned for decades, I have been fortunate to have the health and physical ability to be a part of these inspections.  Inspections have been my life and Swordfish MD Environmental & Home Inspections is a continuation of that life.

It would be my absolute pleasure in helping with your real estate inspecting needs.  I use only the highest quality and technological equipment to offer the best possible inspection.  My environmental inspections and thorough and I only use LOCAL Maryland labs.  I try always to make sure my inspections are priced competitively to help you make the most informed decision without breaking the bank.

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